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thank you Marianna - appreciate it. I will go with 3/8 as suggested. p.s love your work !!
Buenas, tengo el Mat y la otra de vinyl azul (la compre en Amazon . com)me gusta la azul un poco mas. Llo vivo donde ay mucho calor y el Mat me hace al fondant sudar un poco. La azul se le pega el fondant y se puede levantar y aplicar el fondant sobre el cake.
Hoping to get some help with this - I mostly work in buttercream. What thickness do you recommend on fondant for a chocolate cake that will have a coat of buttercream?? I will be using MF with no color added so i'm worried of a color difference. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thnks.
I agree with ranae5463 - I saw something similar on a cake show, they used the tool but they did use modeling chocolate panels instead of fondant. Fondant with tylose should work too, lovely look.
One other idea is making the block panels out of color flow and putting them together with royal icing bead border. they are light weight and you can decorate them anyway you like. If interested I can post a pic, just let me know.
Thnks Bluehue - will try
Can I make the Chocolate Mud Cake recipe (above) using Plugra SALTED butter?? and Self rising flour?? I was hoping to try it today,thnks...
Our Publix carries Pulgra (top shelf) by butter - $2.69 8oz. (ouch) but they only carry salted?? They do not carry unsalted- can I just remove salt from my recipe???
I just got my order on Wed. and it taste better to me than Satin Ice. No time to cover a cake yet, but I rolled some out on wax paper and it rolled really thin, nice. I let it sit out a few minutes and I was able to get clean smooth cuts with my exacto, great!! Most of my cakes are buttercream with fondant dec. so far so good. P.S. Brown is a really a deep chocolate brown.
Thank you CiNoRi for quick response. I want to try this out tonight
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