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Leah_S is correct Next time you go to donut shop or grocery store bakery for that matter. Take a look around you would be surprises how many items are not refrigerated after opened. Especially the filling that come in sleeves available in buckets for large productions. These businesses are inspected and I would bet my life that most of your home based kitchens follow a better hygiene program. I think everyone should take a ServSafe course as it helps you become aware of...
Artscallion may I ask why do you add lemon juice?? flavor?? thnks
Richard Festen of BakingArts has a great video on a similiar technique without the slab.
I have done both - I did buttercream just as Jody130 did and fondant. I like the fondant look better. Same way made different shades and twisted them together abit and then rolled them out and cut out sections as need. If you look in my pics you can see both styles. Good Luck
Carmijok are you using american buttercream with yourprocess?? I would like to try but I do not use SMB or IMB it's just to hot and humid here.
Llo hice una hace poco (esta en mis fotos) solamente tenia u bunt pan (la redonda con una habierta en el medio) Rellene el centro con cake y le hice las (senoritas) de rice krispy. Buena suerte.
To LISAPEPS:I do this, except I bake my cakes to just over 2" in a 3" pan then use my Agbay to level them to 1" each. Then I do cake - filling/buttercream - cake - filling/buttercream - cake, ganache on the outside and then fondant and they are almost always 4" tall (sometimes slightly taller)***********May I ask how thick is your buttercream and filling between layers? Is the ganache up against cake, so that when the cake is cut the buttercream is in the center only? Thnks
All buttercream and then airbrush sprayed with pearl, Lovely!!!! Good Luck
Tapioca may be by the soup section,comes in a box. Other stores carry it by the Jello section.
We made these at the bakery I worked at (grocery store) they were called creme cakes. They are a very dense moist cake. You can use any pudding mix recipe and use ready made pouch filling. Swirl in the center of the batter and mix with a dowel rod just till blended. Delish!! some flavors we mixed were: chocolate cake/bavarian filling, butter cake/guava filling, butter/ rasberry or any thick fruit filling. the list goes on...
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