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TexasSugar, thanks so much- you are always so quick to share, love that about you!! thnks everyone
May I suggest using wax paper - line the bottom and then cut strips of wax paper 3" if 2" pans and apply a little shortening to pan on edges and attach the wax paper overlapping the strips. This not only assists with release but gives you the ability to fill pans full 2/3's and you will get a lovely flat top on the cake. This is not my idea but it is the best idea that I have ever recieved. Good Luck
If you have a clientel that recognizes your style of decorating (and believe me they do) they will assume you also made the cake- no matter what you tell some people. I would politely tell her no you cannot, no explaining required. She should understand. I remember reading another post where someone assisted the decorator and took all the credit, but that's another headache you can do without.
How do you attach the ball to the sticks securely?? Is there a trick so they don't twirl while applying chocolate ? TFH
kmstreepy thank you so much. I want to try using SMB more often but am so afraid of the buttercream it seems to get soft quickly. I'm so used to crusting buttercreams and this is a big difference for me. I am asuming that because the ganache seals the cake and filling then the buttercream is fine. I will try your steps this weekend on a small cake.
Treelittleblackbirds: ?? When using SMB as filling do you refrigerate cake after applying the ganache or the fondant?? Only asking because I saw a video and she recommended alotting time for the ganache to set up before fondant?? Won't the SMB melt? if left out. Thanks...
I guess it's how we interpret this: I believe it's talking about a product that requires immediate refrigeration, like the custard pies and meringues. With cakes if you like creme cheese as icing or filling there are several recipes out there that require no immediate refrigeration.
May I ask, if you use ganache on the outside of the cake and they want some butterceam with the cake, do you tort all the layers and add a good amount of buttercream?? Love the ganache and smooth fondant trying to figure out how to balance the ganache and buttercream, thanks.
Perfect response. There are those few out there that are never satisfied, I wonder if they eat their whole plate of food at a restaurant and then request a refund??? I once made a cake for a friends friend, she called me to say the cake was sour and brought back a tiny piece of cake to show me, turns out I had friends at that party and a man spilled his beer next to the cake, it soaked right in. Don't allow one bad egg affect your business..
I'm also from Florida but do not find anywhere in the bill where you are not allowed to refrigerate?Butter and milk in your icing is acceptable ingredients. Just remember you need a label on your products including ingredients. In my area I did have to get a business tax license and approval from the county planning for home occupational permit. (this is different in each county. I was able to get business tax by providing documents and they called it Manufacturing cottage...
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