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Does anyone know who else carries "butavan" ??? Thanks in advance
Best of luck !!!!!
Amost all of the cakes I do are buttercream with fondant decorations. I do use a crusting buttercream (has some shortening/butter) and I like to make my decorations ahead. I attach on cake with royal icing or lately like melting chocolate candy wafers and using that it holds like glue even heavy items. Once decorated I leave the cake out in an a/c room- no box. Of course filling is non perishable. good luck
Melted candy chocolate works great when attaching items to sides weather it's fondant or buttercream.
Per box I add 1 tsp. almond extract. I also add 1tsp. vanilla to any box mix I use.
The wax paper is available at any grocery store the brand name is Reynolds Cut-Rite wax paper next to the aluminum foil in the paper isle (blue box). I would use this for royal as it will be easier to release once dry. Allow to dry for a few days the turn the plaque over and gently release/roll the wax paper off slowly away from the plaque, good luck!!
i have had great results with melted chocolate wafers. Once the chocolate dries it holds like glue. I attach fondant/tylose items to side of my buttercream covered or fondant cakes. Wax paper or parchment are a must under items that need to dry. When removing pull on the paper to release slowly. Good luck Royal icing also works takes a little longer to dry,place toothpicks under the item to hold it in place, till completly dry.
One thing I have found that works for me is the consistency of the icing . I often make icing in two batches. 3 lbs and 2lbs and then mix them together. My bowl is full to the rim, paddle is not visible.. This eliminated bubbles and gives you a creamy but still semi stiff frosting. Then proceed with your smoothing techniques. Good Luck
If using ps buttercream go with a crusting one so you can smooth and apply any decorations you would like. I live in Fl and with this heat only make meringue based buttercream for desert cakes not for decorating. Let me know if you need a recipe.
Try cutting back on the liquid when melting the marshmallows and make sure to add the shortening. Allow it to rest once made is a must. I live in Fla. humid and hot but do have a/c. Good Luck
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