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I have found that setting a minimum fee $50.00 has helped me stop all those request for small party cakes or as so many people say "just a small party cake". For some reason "small" to people means cheaper. If you don't have a profit after making your cakes you will eventually not enjoy the craft.
I really like adding mascarpone cheese and cream cheese together. Delish but abit more expensive.
I just used it on red v cupcakes. My recipe makes 12 cupcakes and I used 1 1/4 teasp. of the red-red. Looks bright red in the batter but bakes a nice dark red. (I will use 3/4 tsp. next time I would like a brighter red. I did mix the color with my liquids and it blends perfrect, no taste. good luck
jason_kraft may I ask what online site you buy your fondant from? So many out there always looking for good price and shipping can be a killer. thanks
When mixing buttercream colors I always start with about a cup of the buttercream and mix my color into this small batch abit darker than what I want for my end result then I add this base tint to my batch of buttercream and mix. If I want it darker I mix another batch and add. No streaks.
Do you use purchased fondant or MMF?? for the dummy cakes. Thanks in advance
Once the cake is baked and cooled make sure you level it completly flat, this extra cake if not trimmed can many times be the culprit in the excess bulge, it pushes your filling to the edges when you stack your cake and it has time to settle. Great advise listed by Cabecakes, good luck.
I went to a sanitation class and the truth was there is actually more bacteria stored under your watch and bracelets and rings, than under fingernails. We will wash are hand more times than remove and scrub our jewelry.
I wish there was a category based on level of expertise (pro, pro home baker, interm. etc.) also there should be one for cakes we wished to be critiqued honestly. good with the bad. How can one improve if we only get good comments ? I would love to know how someone would have done a technique differently to accomplish a similar look. I have been lucky and recieved lots of nice comments on some of my cakes. I try to give comments, true usually positive ones - but also wish...
A few suggestions that may help. First I love Sugarshacks dvd for sure. I always make a bowl full of frosting (paddle is not visible) this will always give you a creamy frosting. The stiffness of the frosting is the second most important part. I live in a very humid climate and I never use as musch liquid as recommended on recipes, don't forget if you mix your butter/short. first it will get creamy and as you add the sugar add liquid sparingly, at the end when you allow it...
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