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Which one is better for stacking? It's for a wedding cake. I love both of these recipes, but the middle in my Hershey's almost always sinks and the Darn Good one is so heavy. I would really appreciate any advise and help
Has anyone here used Country Value cake mix? Do you know if it is good to use for WASC cakes?
Here is mine
Has anyone made WASC out of duncan hines classic yellow cupcake mix? If so, can you please share the recipe?
Thanks! I'm going to try your method next time
Hi Sangriacupcake, I always use this recipe and I love it as it is, but I'm curious about your subsitution. Do you substitute 1 cup sour cream for 1 cup milk? What difference does it make for the cake?
I'm all about buttercream cakes and have just once covered a cake with fondant, so I would love to see a thread on this!Here are my newest cakes: purple one is a dummy cake though.One of my favorite buttercream cakes here on CC is made by Laurieg, It is so beautiful.
Thank you graciesj!
I would love to have this recipe too. Please help us find it
Hehe okay, now I will stop thinking of the freezer, thank youI am talking about 3D figures
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