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I made a ninja turtle cake ( in my pic's) I used fondant with tylose and covered cake board fondant worked just fine, good luck and have fun!
I agree!, easy to use but taste awful!
Iross11 , that sounds yummy! Are u willing to share receipe? My hubby loves butter pecan and that frosting sounds perfect !!!
Milkmade42, microwave lemon curd YUMMY! Can't wait to try this, thank you!
Peanutbutter filling!...chocolate and peanutbutter always a hit in house!
Thanks to this tutorial , I made these for my mom and sisters for Mother's Day ! Thank you so much! Sorry don't know how to add pic.. It is in my photos
Thanks, Theloveofsugar, I made the third layer had my husband test it( I don't care for coconut) and he liked it even asked for a second slice!... So I'm gonna fill and decorate! It's for m nices Hawaiin themed graduation party, all family and friends!
Ok I made the pineapple coconut banana cake and it didn't rise much it's only 1 1/2 in. Also it's very heavy . I wanted to use this as my bottom tier, (10,8)wanted to fill and cover with fondant . Will this still work? Made 2 -10 rounds should I make another , to get the hight I wanted? Can this cake be covered in fondant? Should I start over and make tropical breeze cake which has the flavors just not all the fruit? Ugh! What to do?
Thanks Macsmom!, I cant wait to try this recipe, and do need 10' rounds so a full recipe will be perfect!
Has anyone made the pineapple coconut banana cake? How much batter does this recipe make? Any advice on making it? My niece is having a Hawaiian graduation party, and I would like to make for her. Thanks for any info.
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