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Was the change the piping or the crystals? Any extra work time for you requires extra pay and you set the price. Time is money. Piping = time and crystals = time and money.  
Hello, That would be my guess, as well, to much liquid in your butter cream.
Has anyone ever frozen, already decorated, cake pops and if so for how long?I am making them for my daughters wedding along with her cake, candy buffet and everything else!!Trying to get as much as possible finished ahead of time = ) Thank you
I use clear vanilla, clear butter and a little almond.Like - 1 TBS vanilla, 2 TBS butter and 1/2 TBS almond.Everyone loves it I don't know if wedding bouguet is the same as plain almond Oh, this is for a double batch.Hope this helps Happy baking!
Thanks everyone
Can anyone tell me if a fondant covered cake that is baked on Tuesday willstill be fresh for a party that is on Sunday?I have 1 wedding cake and 2 birthday cakes to make for the same weekend.One birthday cake will be fondant covered so I am hoping I can do it first and then work on the other 2 later in the week.
Thanks a bunch!
Can anyone tell me where to buy boxes for the 3 tier mini wedding cakes?The cakes are 4"x4"wide 4 1/2" tall.I would like to find them made of clear plastic if possible.Thanks
Thank you all for helping I think I will stay close to what I am charging to keep the cake orders coming!
I see so many beautiful fondant cakes on here I have a question.Most cakes I get orders for are butter cream and very few fondant.Does everyone else get orders for fondant and does all thisfondant get eaten? Everyone I talk to about fondant cakes say they do not like fondant. The fondant I use tastes good (like candy corn) it is Satin Ice, but still it is the texture that people don't care for. Do most people still pick it off insteadof eating it?It seems like such a waste
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