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Thank you all so much, some great ideas. xx
Ahhh what a great idea, thank you so much. Why didn't I think of that, duh!!!!
Thanks mplaidgirl2, I did think along those lines with Peppa and Dora as princesses. Like you I havn't a clue how I could fit in Tom and Jerry. I think I'll have to have a chat and see if I can leave those two out of it.
Help!!!!! I've been asked to make a cake for a little girl who's turning 5.She is into Peppa pig, Dora the Explorer, Tom and Jerry and Princesses. How on earth can I incorporate all these in one cake. Any help with ideas would be greatly apprecciated. Many thanks in advance, Kez
A little baking soda mixed with water and gently rubbed on with a soft cloth or sponge works great. I've used it on badly tarnished silver photo frames and its brought them up like new. x
Hi folks, you know those really expensive textured rolling pins that some of us love, well I found this link that some of you may find useful.
Exactly, I don't think there is even a corner shop that doesn't sell them (well maybe one or two). They have been around for as many years as I can remember, as a child they were one of only a few cake decorations our Mother's could buy. I've never yet heard of anyone becoming ill or choking because of them. Talk about blowing things out of proportion.
I have always measured in lbs and ozs.
[quote="zespri"]I'd keep your temperature down low, some people cook at 350, others go to 325. That will stop the outside getting too cooked before the inside is. You can try putting a flower nail in the middle to attract the heat (seems silly, but it works!), and you can try putting some tin foil loosely over the top once the outside seems cooked, that will stop it from burning while you wait for the inside.This is exactly what I do when baking a bigger/deeper cake....
Hi, here is a link for information on black treacle, and if you can get it you really need to try treacle toffee yummy!!!!
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