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Just want to say Thank You.I did   what you told me to try ( using the crisco) and it worked.Thank you once again!!!!!!
I am looking for anyone who has ever seen a website that I am looking for it sells all types of gel paste or other types of colorings. I think the name of the site had the name Crystal in it. Does any one know anything about this site? It had so many different colors but I have not been able to find it again. HELP me Please????
Could you also email me a copy of the diaper bag tutorial.Thank You
Thank you everyone for your help. Should I airbrush or paint it gold right away? If I make it tomorrow should I let the gum paste dry and than in a few days color it? Or should I color it  right away,when I make the Crown tomorrow ? Thanks once again.
Help ASAP  I am making a crown,for a prince's  crown,and I need to color the whole thing gold. I know you can "paint" it using Luster Dust? Is there a way to turn the whole batch gold? The same way you would use gel coloring.  I need to make the crown today ,tomorrow at the latest . It is for a baby's 1st Birthday cake. The party is next Saturday  so I need to make the crown ASAP so it will dry. It will sit on top of  6" cake it is the same size as the cake. Thank you...
Thank you very much for the info. I am going to get the book by Autumn
If there were one book that you could recommend to someone that covers most areas in cake decorating what book would you recommend? I would like to purchase a cake decorating book for someone who has a little bit of knowledge pertaining to the use of fondant. There are so many books out there can anyone recommend one book that mostly deals with the use of fondant.Thank you
Just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you for your help. That is what I love about CC there are so many people who offer their help and kindness.
yes that is exactly what I need to make .I know it a little to late to make it for this cake but any info you can give me would be helpful. As far as buying the book I tried that all book stores in my area do not keep it in stock so I would need to special order the book. Which I plan on doing but each time I need help I can't afford to buy the book. Also it can take any where for 2-5 days to get in
I need any help anyone can give me!!! I was asked to make a crib cake.I have no trouble Making the cake my problem is the cake topper. There a few of the toppers already on CC.It is a baby in a beautiful draped bassinet/crib. It is all done in gum paste/fondant.The gum paste hangs above the bassinet and lays down the sides on bassinet/crib.(not a great description )It is from Linda Pawsey's Christening Cakes book. I tried to attach picture but was unable to. The cake is...
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