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I'm in the process of making my first cake that someone is actually purchasing - all my other cakes have been done for free. If I wasn't nervous enough about it before, I sure am now. On Sunday, two fingers on my right hand (I'm right handed) got slammed into a car door! Tonight I have to complete the cake with two bandaged, swollen fingers. I sure hope I can squeeze the pastry bag without too much pain...because drinking alcohol to calm my nerves and relieve the...
Thank you for the suggestions...Alfiesmom - that is the recipe I was planning to use, but it needs refrigeration and I don't have room in my fridge here at home or at work to refrigerate a large cake. I'm looking for unrefrigerated options. I can't wait to use this recipe in something else later.
I'm very new to cake decorating. I'm making a cake for work on Tuesday and I want to make a lemon filling for it. However, I don't have a large fridge so I can't use the cream cheese recipe I found. I thought about flavoring my buttercream (I use Indydebi's recipe) just for the filling layer, not the whole cake (because not everyone is a lemon fan) but I'm not sure what to use or how much, etc. Can someone please tell me how to flavor Indydebi's buttercream to...
Hi. Wilton has an open book cake pan. I bought one for a cake I made recently. I madeaphoto book for my Grandmother's 94th birthday using photos from when she was younger. I used two cake mixes. Not sure how many pieces we got, guess it depends on how large you cut them. You can see a picture of it in my photos. It was only my second cake and I used edible images for the photos. Hope that helps a little.
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