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Yoiu could try using marshmellow fluff instead of frosting of rmixed into your frosting, it tastes nice and is definitely fluffy!Good luck!
Hi,I run a cake pop company and am researching ways to produce more balls faster and cheaper. I'm looking into converting machinery or getting something custom engineered but that costs time and $$$! Has anyone found a machine that works for cake pops?The Easy Roller is great but I but need something with a higher/faster capacity. Does anyone know how Starbucks produce theirs? Has anyone else looked into this?Thanks in advance!
Cracks are the bane of my life with pops. I spend several very stressful weeks testing and researching to find an answer. I'm currently at a 90% sucess rate (I make several hundred every week) and this is what I believe is important:DO NOT CHILL YOUR BALLS!!!!!! Cold is your enemy. SImply roll them and dip them at room temperature inless you live in an extremely hot climate and the chocolate won't set a room tempreature. Add 2 tablespoons of copha per 500g/1lb melts. It...
Hi Sleepy,I make dummy pops all the time using styrofoam inside and regular candy coating on the outside (in the same way a dummy cake is still covered in fondant).If you can't melt why don't you try royal icing?
Does anyone have a cheap recipe they use for their bulk orders? My recipes all have lots of butter/eggs etc and I'm trying to hunt up something a bit cheaper. I'm thinking an oil based recipe would be good?Thanks everyone!
Wpw what a gret tutorial, thank you. I'm trying to create hollow chocolate statuettes, would this kinf of mold work for that application?
I've used water also and have been happy with the results. Althogugh you need to make sure it's not too wet or it will melt through your fondant! (I've had that happen!). I've also uses sugar glue (cmc and water) and in a poinch made glue by mixing fondant with water untilit made a glue. Best of luck!
Hi Beach mama,Wow what a cool cake to try. I'm no expert but as long as you use a firm cake with a nice stiff filling (not jam!) which is well chilled you should be right. Semi freezing the cake before carving is a great idea. Don't bother cutting the overhanding eaves, create the overhang by layering up the frosting instead.Use dowls into the board if you're of luck!
Thank you everyone for your advice. I just lost a client this morning because my tasting wasn't organised, even though they really liked me. I've never been to a tasting as a client (and would feel wrong booking one now with a competitor) so I didn't know what to expect. There's so much to learn in this industry!!!! Thank goodness for Cake central,eh?
No, fill pan, put wax paper and second pand on top THEN bake. Sorry, I must'vebeen really tired when I wrote it and it doesn't make sense!
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