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do you have to add butter to the italian meringue?
Has anyone tried the "Sure cuts alot" from I downloaded a free trial version from You can basically make any artwork and cut it with your cricut. I bought the cricut personal at Joann's about 2 weeks ago and I just opened it today. I think I am already hooked. The cartridges are so expensive, but with the Sure cuts alot software you don't have to buy them. I unplugged my printer and plugged in my...
Look up the Oreo fillings here in cc. There is one that uses mm fluff and is very good. I have used it twice with the amazing chocolate cake recipe and everyone loves it.
I feel the same way!!! I am always in D and G buying stuff, even when it's not for a cake that I am making. I actually saw you, Edna, there and was dying to say hi but you where on your phone and I didn't want to bother you. Are there any meetings for "cake addictions"? cause I know I need one,lol
I have been researching and found out that you cannot bake from home in Fl. You can't even have a separate kitchen in your house just for baking. I was told that I can rent out a commercial kitchen or check with the Dept. of Health. Where and how do I find a commercial kitchen? I can't afford to open a bakery, nor do I want to, but I do want a place where I can bake, decorate then delivery my cakes. I am feeling so discouraged now but I don't want to give up. I love...
Wow! Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! My cheeks are red right now.I live in Oviedo, fl. If there is anyone who can help me get started, that would be great. Shouldn't I build clientel first before I start?
Hi everyone!I am very new to cake decorating (started in Sept of this year). I took a cake to my daughter's gym for a holiday party. I uploaded it on my page here on CC. They just left me a message that someone called them regarding my cakes. I did get alot of compliments from parents but was not expecting any calls. I have been making cakes for only friends and family and I know that I could get in trouble for doing it for anyone else. What do I do? I really want...
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