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Check Vistaprint. I use them for business cards, signs, website.
Okay, sorry, but remember you asked. lol. I would remove all the red jewels. They sort of clash to me with the hot pink an purple. Remove the clear jewels on the sides of the cakes and put them where the red jewels were on the crown. pipe you some gold details on the cake sides may some drop strings around the edge and pipe some feminine details on the crown in the hot pink and purple. Or ask your mom to look at it before you do anything. you may just be being to...
wonderful tool. This took a lot of work and thought. Thank you very much.
Maybe try royal blue with just a touch of black and adjust from there. I use gel colours.
I was nervous making my first gluten free cake, afraid to make someone not feel well. I invested in 2 books. The Cake Mix Doctor bakes Gluten Free and Easy Gluten Free Baking by Elizabeth Bardone. One for those who don't mind mixes and one for those who prefer scratch all the way. In my area I have to make a 45 minute drive to a Health food supermarket in another city to get the individual ingrediants. I found mixes in my local wallyworld. I found it to be expensive...
I know this is a chair, but look at the upholstery for inspiration. red fondant, brown fondant twigs, light gold - medium gold blossoms in random pattern.
I just googled "edible glow in the dark food coloring" and one of the sites is a thread from here with a link. Pretty cool.
Not much help, but if they are using black lights, I would think a white cake would really glow. You could take a piece of white fondant and see how it does under a black light and see if she will change from black.
Fold frozen blueberries into your favorite white cake recipe. Then fill with cream cheese frosting topped with a smear of blueberry preserves.
A few flavors that I have done:chocolate cake, cream cheese frosting, wrapped around a marashino cherry and dipped in dark chocolate.key lime cake, mango cake,lemon frosting, dipped in white chocolate.chocolate truffle cake, hazelnut non-dairy creamer (just enough to moisten) dipped in dark chocolate.
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