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Sweet Renaud, I am just a little south of you, I don't know if there is one in Keswick but check any bulk barn, its way cheaper there. I use the recipe from this thread, 1 tbsp gelatin to 2 and half tbsp of water mixed with vanilla and liquid food colouring. (I mix the food colouring and flavor into the water before i add it to the gelatin so I still use the same amount of liquid to powder ratio.) I have never tried knox and I'm not sure what kind it is I got because I...
Thanks to both the Cindy's I was inspired to try it by all the wonderful chats going on in this thread, I will definitely be getting the sheets someday soon, I can't wait for the chance to try more fancy things with the gelatin!!
Amazing!! I just came here to post my poinsettia that I made and saw yours!! Very amazing!! I used a leaf mold to make my poinsettia petals and fondant balls dropped into luke warm gelatin for the berries. It's not as amazing as yours but I'm pretty proud of it!!!
Did anyone ever try the jello with sugar? I know it says that it would be too sticky but i'm wondering if made a bit thicker and left to dry longer it might still be used as a medium? Also I posted pictures of the first fancy cake I ever made (I made it the first week in November) It doesn't have any gelatin work its all homemade fondant, but it was still fun to make
I have read about using them on gifts and that is such a cool idea!! I am looking forward to learning and having a great time reading around the site. It's very cool that people post their pics too, I have some but I'm hesitant to post them as of yet. You guys and gals can call me Cee, everyone else does!! I just figured CeeisforCake would be a neat name for this sort of forum lol
I'm new to this forum but I wanted to say I just spent several hours reading this entire thread and I am absolutely going to try this!! I already talked to my husband and he's already telling me he won't be my guinea pig for this lol Good thing it's not 100% necessary that these gelatin figures be tasty!!I am very excited to find this gelatin thread because I just made a homemade butter cream fondant cake for my niece and it was a huge success! I am fairly new to this so I...
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