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Me too! LOL. Thanks!
Yes, it totally makes sense I am so tired I can't function! LOL I am crumbcoating the cakes now (I am not using the giant cupcake pan because the cake needs to feed 30 people) and I still have to cover them in fondant and decorate. I hope I will be done before midnight! I had a baking disaster and that threw me off schedule (Well, that and my 3 year old and 18 month old LOL.) Thanks so much!
Hi Kura! Thanks for the suggestion but I am a little confused. Is that how you make a round snake or a flat snake? How do you roll one with a cake pan? Thanks
WOw! who knew! thanks!
Hi, can anyone tell me how to do the fucsia string around the top of the cupcake? I don't have an extruder and I know I can do it by hand but it won't be even. Thanks!
Thanks. I hope I'm right because I used this mood only once 2 years ago and I used a different recipe.
I need to bake a cake right now using wasc. The wonder mold instructions says to bake it at 350. I usually bake the original WASC as directed (first 20 min at 300 and the rest at 325.) At which temperature do you think I should bake it? Thanks
I think wilton says that it is 12 servings
She is plain crazy!!! The cake is gorgeous and you seriously underpriced it. I charged $160 for the Romero Britto cake in my profile (the yellow one with the flower) and it was a 12" round cake. I just started selling too. You need to take a look at your prices. Also, did you get a deposit? I hope you didn't give it back to her ( I'm assuming she didn't take it since you said you might donate it.) I think she just had buyers remorse.
Thanks! The weird thing is that I kept on baking the cake aand nd lowered the temp to 300 and everything cooked. The sides don't seem to be burnt or over cooked. I couldn't check very well because the cake was still very warm and I had to leave the house. I wrapped everything in Satan wrap and left. A very small piece of the cake got stuck at yhe bottom of the pan and I tasted it and it seems to be fine. Also, I cut the top off after it was done (to level it) and it seemed...
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