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Yes, that makes sense. Thank you
ShouldI tell her about the rush fee or just give her a full price without breaking it down? I thought of breaking it down because I am not sure if she knows what I charged the other lady or not.
I forgot to add that I live in the Ft.Lauderdale/Miami, FL area so it is not a small town.
Hi Everyone. I just started my business this year (I am in a cottage food law state) which is mainly a facebook page where people see my work. 2 weeks ago I made cookies for a first birthday party and I only charged the woman $2 per cookie and $.50 per cookie to wrap them with a bow. This woman loved the cookies and posted them on her facebook page and an online mommy group and tagged me. So far I have had 4 people asked me for prices (Although no solid orders have come...
Wow, pretty good fondant work! you should recruit them to help you decorate when you are busy! LOL
Maybe the cake pop can be the head and the body a small marshmallow? also, maybe you can make her sitting down so that the legs are made out of fondant. HTH
Oh ok sweetkake thanks! now I understand! hehehe. I am going to trying next time. I ended up doing it by hand and I tried to do it all in one piece but it kept on sliding of the cake (and the ends were drying out) so I just ended up doing it piece by piece.
Thank you all! The fondant was brand new and I had never had that happened to me before. It was all cracking and crumbling from the beginning. Maybe it was too moist or maybe it was a bad batch. It look dry. I do live in Florida but we have the AC on 24-7 and that tends to dry things so I do not think it was the humidity. Maybe I was kneading it for too long but I just kept on knewading it hoping it would change. I did use High ratio shortening to knead it (as I always do)...
and I have been kneading it for like 20 min. I am trying to add shortening but it is not working. I also added a little bit of glycerine.It is the pink fondant and I do not have wilton to mix it with. It is breaking as I am kneading it. Any suggestions? I cannot wait until tomorrow to do so any suggestions will help. Thanks!
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