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OMG the difference is like night and day! The Christening cake looks like fondant! I am definitely buying it! LOL I need to practice! Does she give you a recipe? because I think my recipe is also the problem. I use indydebbie's recipe and I can never get it that smooth (maybe I am the problem! LOL.) I read the reviews on Amazon I think. I was literally about to buy it and backed out. Thanks so much! I trust people from here more than random amazon reviewers so I am...
Is the DVD worth it? It doesn't have the best reviews. The reviews I read said that the DVD was basically showed the Viva method and it was a poor quality DVD. I almost bought it but I backed out because of that.
It depends on the design, the area where you live, filling, flavors, etc. My basic Buttercream cakes start at $3 per serving. It would be a little more for a basic tiered cake. Good luck!
Hi, Thank you so much! your cakes are perfection! Do you have any video or picture tutorial yet? I am a little bit confused by the tutorial. Thanks!
Do you have to refrigerate it? I am not a fan of shortening icings either but they work really good in fondant covered cakes. I don't like them so much on cupcakes so that is why I need a new recipe as I am hoping to get new customers from this baby shower.
Thank you so much =)
Scp1127 and Osgirl,I am assuming you have to refrigerate the icing because of all the butter right? If so, what do you do with the cupcakes? I would rather not have to put them in the fridge. Do you ice the cupcakes last minute? Also, wouuld it work ok with fondant toppers? I am making little fondant figurines and I don't want them to get damaged. I know these are a bunch of stupid questions but I am used to working with all shortening recipes. I tried SMBC and did not...
Hello everyone!I normally use indydebi's crusting Buttercream for cakes but I am not liking it so much for cupcakes. I need to do 36 cupcakes for a babyshower on Sunday. The cupcakes will have Fondant accent so the bc will have to work well with Fondant. I am thinking that a non-crusting bc is probably better but I'm not sure. Any thoughts?
The rush charge is common around here. Also, none of the bakeries I know take last minute orders. I might be a small home based bakery but last minute orders alter my schedule so It has to be worth it for me to do it. I am sure there is always someone willing to do it but that doesn't mean that I have to. Many places around here charge $5 per cookie so my prices are fairly competitive. I don't work for peanuts.
THe lady replied to me and said that $2.40 is more than what she want to spend. I am not sure what she was expecting to pay for decorated cookies in such short notice. It sucks not to get the money but part of me is relieved that I don't have to make 175 cookies. The maximum I have done is 50! Thanks for your help!
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