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Hi Everyone!'I am making a cake for my friend's little boy and Its supposed to be a 3D elmo cake (using the 3D stand up cuddly bear Wilton pan) on top of a round base cake). I usually do a WASC cake (and almost always the legs of the bears break so I have to secured them with toothpicks). I am making the cake tomorrow and my friend just asked me if the Elmo cake (which is basically the 3D bear cake) could be red velvet. I have never made red velvet before (only once when I...
I dont have any advice (since I am a hobby caker) but I just wanted to wish you good luck!
Congrats! You must be very proud!
Thank you everyone! I will send a pm to the person that left her e-mail in the comments to see if she got an answer from the decorator.Maybe I can try making it now (just the top part) since I am still in my 8th month that way I'll know if it will work. I assume there has to be some kind of support at the top but I am not sure. Thank you for your input!
So nobody knows?.... Anybody?
I loved this cake when I saw it and I want to make one for my son's briss (Jewish circumcision ceremony) when he is born. I tried to contact the person who made it but I never received a response. does anybody know how to make the top part (dome) of the bassinet? Thank you so much!
Hi!Check out the business forum. There is a great price calculator spreadsheet you can use.I think the name of the Attachment is Pricematrix 764Good Luck!
Thank you so much!!!
Hello, everyone!I am really curious, How much do you charge for regular (no-filling) cupcakes with buttercream? Are cupcakes more expensive than a cake serving? Thanks!
Thank you! I am not even sure if I can sell or not, i guess I have to check that out. I have done plenty of cakes for friends before but I always give them away as gifts because its usually for my relatives or for their birthdays. I guess if I can't I will have them pay for the ingredients and do it as a favor then. I just don't want to eat up the cost since its not for them. Thank you! =)
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