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Hi everyone!I need to make this cake for a friend and I'm not sure how should I make the flower. Do you think it should all be Fondant? Or maybe a Fondant plaque with royal icing on top? Any suggestions will greatly be appreciated.[/img]
Bump.I hope someone answers, I am also interested in the response. I'm afraid of telling people to come to my house since there are a lot of crazy people out there.
Hahaha costumeczar! So funny!I actually copied and pasted your suggestion (minus the walmart part, hehehe.) I just saw that someone wrote in the mommy group we belong to if someone knew a good baker and the same lady replied that Costco makes great cakes! hahaha so I guess some of my "competitors" means Costco!
Hello, Thanks in advance for your help. I am a home baker (I have only done cakes for friends, family and acquaintances so far) and I live in a cottage food law state.My best friend referred me to this lady from an online mommy group we both belong to. This lady asked me for a two tiered fondant cake in the shape of gift boxes, with a tag and bows or with a figure of a pregnant lady and her and her husband. She said she wanted the cake to be black russian cake (which has...
That is probably not the case. Maybe they do it if they cannot afford the party. where are you located? I'm from Venezuela and live in Miami and I never heard of such a thing. Parents usually pay for the Quinces and it is usually as big as a wedding. In any case, ir sounds like these people are incredibly tacky and had second thoughts about how much money they spent on the cake. I can't imagine them having a nice party and serving sheet cakes! It's crazy, they would be...
That's crazy! You should have said something in Spanish at the end so they would know you understood everything! Hahaha
I would love the Red Velvet NFSC recipe as well. can you pm me the instructions? thanks
I know you must be pretty annoyed at so many people asking but could you send it to me too please? either pm or at karukaru @ gmail .comThanks
I think the delivery price is fine regardless of the price of the cake. The price doesn't matter becauae you still have to drive to the location. One of our local bakeries here in Ft.Lauderdale/Miami charges $85 and that is only within the same county. she charges even more if it is in other counties. If she doesn't want to pay for the fee, then she can pick it up. You can maybe pick a halfway location and bring the cake over there, for a lesser charge, so that she can...
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