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Hi thanks! So it wasn't because of the orange? I thought maybe the gasses it releases were doing that. I guess I'll have to box them later. I didn't want to do that because it is for 100 cupcakes. I guess I will have to box them up and put a bow later. Thanks! =)
I have to make cupcakes for tomorrow and I already did all the fondant figurines. Last night I left an orange (as if it was the cupcake) with the fondant figures on top inside the cupcake box/container. When I woke this morni. The fondant wasn't hard anymore. It was wilted. Do you think it was because the container was closed or was it because of the gasses the orange releases. TIA.
Thanks! What about if I do the white cake the same day of the party?? would it still go bad?
Oops I just edited LOL Sorry. Can you see it now?
Hello, a costumer wants me to make a cake filled with vanilla pudding and sliced freshe bananas. I have never use pudding or fresh fruit as a filling so I am a little concerned. I need to reply to her today. Wouldn't the bananas go bad? I have read that you have to brush them with lemon so that they don't change color but I have also read that even if you refrigerate the cake, the bananas go bad within 24 hours. Is this true? Also, can I use the pudding that is ready to...
Thanks. It is basically the same thing. The only difference is thatvthe cookie pops have a stick in the middle also, in not sure if it is standard to sell them already wrapped and with a bow, or flush the plain cookie pop.
I have never sold individual cookie pops. I Usually just sell either cookie bouquets or regular decorated sugar cookies. I am thinking that I need to charge more because of the sticks but I am not sure. Also, if you sell individual cookie pops, do you sell them already clear wrapped and with a bow? I normally charge an additional $.50 to wrap and bag each individual decorated cookie. Thanks in advance, I searched the forum but I couldn't find the answer.
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