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I have made sugar bells many times in the past and this time they are crumbling everytime I go to pick them up and hollow them out.  Not breaking, just the sugar falling away.  I have always put them in the oven to harden quickly and then have been able to easily scrape out the middle to hollow.  I need these for tomorrow morning and am perplexed!!!!  Any thoughts on why or how to get them re-done very quickly??????
Indydebi - Can you share your bc recipe that hardens???  I need it for a dummy this week.
I have only tasted red velvet from a box and started making them from scratch. The scratch taste reminds me of a really sweet cornbread flavor. Is this what real red velvet tastes like?
Can anyone tell me why the chocolate chips i put into my cakes always drop to the bottom and never bake evenly throughout the cake?
I have not been able to get my Bakel's Gumpaste to dry. Has anyone else had a problem with this brand of gumpaste. I have never had a problem with any other gumpaste.
Thanks for all the comments!! Still not sure, but will look into the Silo!
Does anyone use a Lang Electric Convection Oven with a fan/pulse and cook/cook hold? I have acquired this new (used) oven and am not sure how to bake with it. I did a practice set of 6" rounds set at 325 and tried using the pulse fan setting and it took over 50 minutes to bake the cakes. In my old Blodgett, this would take 30 to 35 minutes max at 325. Any suggestions????????
So many great responses!!! Thank you! Did not know about the silohoute. Will check it out first to see if that would be a better fit for me.Thanks!!!
Can anyone tell me if it is worth getting the Cricut cake cutter? I would especially like it for cutting out letters and numbers. I currently do everything by hand, but it almost looks too good to be true.
You transfer from conventional to convection? Which model of the kitchenaid do you currently have? Wondering if I should forgo the blodgett I inherited for the kitchenaid?? Thoughts?
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