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I use the Wilton Icing sheets. A VERY generous amount of crisco on the mat and then on top of the sheet. Use a spatula while it is cutting to ensure than everything stays put.You do not want to leave your machine while it is cutting.Also cut on the hardest setting and the lowest speed.Hope that helps someone out there!
In general-- how many (boxed) cake mixes would you need to fit into a 12 inch square pan that is either 2 or 3 inches deep. a 10" square pan?an 8" square pan??Just a one time fill to get one layer, left over batter is fine- just trying to get a rough estimate.I hope this question makes sense- I couldn't find it in the forum. I just say boxed mixed because it seems to be universal rather than every ones scratch mixes that might be different.Thanks in advance- you guys and...
adding to what other people said about the back ground- use just one or two cup cakes for a picture- not the whole panmake sure you are not using a time stamp on your camera. If it does get on the picture- use an editing tool such as Picasa to fix those up and crop them out.Try side angels for capturing the small things like cookies and cup cakes- not a birds eye view.Try saving the eye to eye angels for cakes.
when ya'll are doing cupcakes, are you making them regular sized, or large? $3 for a regular sized cup cake just seems a little steep.
Fondarific. And they taste great! Just like starburst candies. Comes in 14 different flavors! YUM!
I buy those colors now. Or you can start out with a fondant mix closer to those colors. Grey to black, or color a pinkish to red. I haven't done it, but read that it's easier. I've also read people will use chocolate fondant to get to black.
make a butter cream without butter.. like wilton. it uses crisco, water and powder sugar, and merigune powder. Also, it wouldnt need to be in the fridge.Butter melts. If you use butter in something you are not baking, its going to melt. you might have better luck with it in the winter. Butter melting is just the way of the world )
yes, you can use it just like fondant. I'm making my very first batch in 2 days, so if anyone else has some input!You can roll it out, cover a cake, use it as decorations. You can use any kind of chocolate, but the better tasting the chocolate, the better tasting it will be on your cake. You can use white, which is good for coloring, and some have said that it is easy to get the brown chocolates black. it will taste (so they say) similar to a tootsie roll.
I originally wanted the "topper" to be the smash cake- but my poor bug was to big!! (used 6inch rounds)Check out my pics of my pink lady bug 2 tired and smash cake.On the smash cake, the head was MMF and my neice much rather chewed on that for a few minutes!! I also used pink butter cream.
Jackmo- I agree with the others here, you charge what you usually would charge. I am a hobby baker, so I would do one free of charge (because that's all I can do) especially if it was my church. i would just keep it a simple cake. Is it for the play, as a decoration/for the kids to eat? Or a cast/crew celebration cake?Either way, keep it authentic for the time period in which they are hosting it. Cakes from the 1920 were not elaborate- and no such thing as a...
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