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Can anyone help me please? Does anyone know if all ribbon is safe to put on a fondant cake? I am doing a cake that is fondant covered, and the friend requested blue ribbon around the cake. She was planning on going to Michaels to match her colors for the cake. Please help ......Thanks.
Hello. I am a newbie. I really need help. My grand-daughter wants a castle cake for her birthday. I have the Wilton romantic castle cake set. The problem is, I am not sure how to go about attaching the towers to the top and sides of the cake. What is the best way to do this? The cake needs to travel to the party destination. Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.
Those cowboy hats are awesome> Is there a tutorial somewhere for them? I may need to do a cowboy hat cake soon. Thanks.
You might try going to the and look for how to make victorian style guilded gumpaste fruit. Very detailed turtorials. Hope this helps.
Do you have to kneed it and the like. Sorry I am a newbie. Never made this before..... Thanks.
Hello can someone give me the directions that are on the back of the GSA gum paste mix package ? Mine is warn off and can't read it .... Thanks....
Hello I am new to cakes, and I noticed the term FBCT , can someone tell me what it means, and how to go about using it ? Thanks
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