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I agree with savannahquinn, melted chocolates will probably work best.  If it still seems a bit heavy you might want to give some extra support with toothpicks placed under the banner.
That's what I thought.  Is there was a trick to cover the seams in the back?
BakingIrene, thank you for your help.  But I am not sure about one thing.  Does  the draped fondant piece completely cover the tier?  Top and all or just a rectangular strip?  
I am doing a wedding cake similar to this one in a few weeks and have never done the draping like is done on the second tier of this cake.  Is the tier covered with fondant first and then covered "completely" with a thinner fondant layer or just a strip that is draped?  If it is just a strip, how do you cover the seam?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  
It does sound like your cakes are taking a long time to cool. I typically bake my cakes, allow them to cool a little while, wrap and then freeze them. (Freezing them helps keep the cake moist and I freeze them even if they will be iced the following day.) This should solve your problem. HTH
I've had problems with this too and am so excited to hear about this solution! Can't wait to try it today! Thanks!
I typically use indebys buttercream icing on my cakes but am now venturing into the world of cupcakes. Should I continue to use her crusting buttercream recipe or should I go with a non-crusting one? If you think it should be non-crusting, what is your go-to recipe?
Add the same amount of marshmallows as you would normally would. The first time I did it this way I measured them after crushing - big mistake. The RKT was way to dry.
I've used rice krispie treats a lot since my original post. This is the way I do it, maybe others have a better way but it has worked for me. Measure the rice krispies out first, crunch them, and then add the marshmellow. I cover mine with buttercream or candy clay to smooth out the bumpy edges. Leave the fondant a little thicker than normal so it gives you a smoother finish. HTH.
Thank you all for your input. I think I will hide the cost in the $/serving to make up at least some of the cost. You guys are the best!
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