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there are so many Facebook pages, it would end up being a second job! Lol
Sorry, licensed
I agree. Very frustrating. I would love to start a Facebook page, but I would never if I wasn't listened .and I'm not, so I won't!
[/quote]thank you! I just make cakes for family and friends, that's why this is so frustrating. I see pictures and recommendations for cakes that I know are not legal. I must be doing something wrong! Lol
Didn't say that I wanted to make cheap cakes. Just ranting that there are many, many people that have Facebook pages and we all know they are not licensed . Just saying that I wouldn't do that because I'm not legal! Not legal in New York!
Looking at all the Facebook pages that have business for cakes . I know they aren't legal. Just makes me cringe. I am a hobby baker that would love to start a Facebook page to make cakes for cheap, but I would never! I know my cakes are so much better than the ones I see , but what the hell? How can these people do this and get away with it? Sorry, just ranting.
The best fix is seperate bedrooms! Works wonders!
I am also a hobby baker. I had FromScratches recipie saved. I went to look for it for my nieces bridal shower and it was gone! Panic set in. I then found out it was for sale on etsy. Needless to say, I purchased it! It was the best investment I ever made. It is the only recipie that never fails. It is now laminated and in a binder with the title, Million Dollar Cake Recipe! Love it!
Go to beyond buttercream web page. She has a whole tutorial on this. She explains everything you need to know and the buttercream is great.
Love, love, love this recipie. I have had it saved on cc, not realizing that it was removed when she started selling it. I had a panic attack,as I needed it for my nieces bridal shower. I purchased it, and it was the best investment I ever made! Lol
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