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I'm ready thru the SPS thread now and I'm so excited to try this. Can it be used on fondant-covered cakes? Thanks, Leah. You are AWESOME.
I'm sort of a newbie and have the same question. I would be afraid of ordering the wrong items without 'expert' advice from CakeCentral!
Thanks everyone for posting this thread. I have always wondered about the sleeve filling, but was afraid it wouldn't taste good. Now I think I will try it. It sure would save some time!
Sounds awesome! I am so hungry now. ha
Hey, TexasSugar. Hope you are doing well! Do you use hi-ratio shortening?
I usually do a butter/shortening mix and add additional flavors (vanilla, butter and almond). Wish I had some now! ha
I had this same problem with my Christmas cake, but thought it was just me - ha ha Thanks everyone for all of the helpful hints!
Hey, everyone! I recently saw a product in a cake store called Icing Fruits. Their on-line store has links to YouTube videos for how to use the products in their store (very cool!). They used icing fruits to make a filling with whipped cream. Looks awesome -- just wonder if it is worth it. Thanks!!
Jeff -- If you had a DVD, I would buy it!! Your cakes are incredible!
What an awesome idea!! Thank you so much for sharing!
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