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Thanks, everyone. What an awesome reference tool! It is so kind of you to share.
Oh!!! I would love the recipe too
I couldn't cut a straight line if my life depended on it. I have the Wilton Fondant Roller/Cutter because it came in one of the class kits and it has worked well for me. You can space the rollers as you wish and even cut wavy lines. It only cuts two or three strips at a time which can be time consuming, but I just cut long strips and then cut them again to the length I need. Good luck!
Indydebi - - you make me want to buy generic cheerios just so I can cut them in half. ha ha !! Agree with the Dawn dishsoap!
Thanks everyone for this post. I think Sharon is AWESOME and have been wanting to get some of her DVDs. I've been playing with fondant for so long that my buttercream skills are lacking. You guys have me convinced! Think I will order something -- pulling out the debit card now. ha !!
What a great topic thread. Thanks everyone for the information!
Thanks so much for the tip. I'm so going to try this
Thanks, jentreuJust what I needed to hear also!
Hey, Leah! Do you add flavors to your simple syrup? I've heard of adding vanilla, etc., but want to hear it from an 'expert' Thanks!
Hi, Jen. May I ask where you order the rice paper? Thanks,Terri
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