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I am looking for a creamy raspberry filling similar to the filling in the Ghirardelliu chocolate squares. Any suggestions?TFLBecki
Thank you so much! You're response is extremely helpful!
What are the spacers called the can be used on a stacked caked so it can have flowers inbetween the tiers? Are they made from styrofoam and are the flowers just pushed into them? Where can I buy those online?TFLBecki
I have my first real wedding cake due this weekend. If I don’t have the freezer space for the cake but have room in my fridge, would I be okay to bake the cakes tonight and wrap them really well for decorating Thursday/Friday night? Wedding is on Saturday. Also, it is a stacked 4 tier square cake. If I wooden dowel each of the 3 bottom tiers as I am stacking them, would you suggest I put on long down the center of the bottom 3 layers before I place the top layer on? ...
No. I am in WA. My husband is a fireman at station 54.
Thank you! That was very helpful!
That's what I was thinking. Thanks!
I have my first cake tasting tomorrow. All my previous cakes have been for friends and so I haven't had to do a real sit down with someone. They want chocolate cake but maybe 4 different favors to choose from for fillings/icing. How do I do that? Make a bunch of different little cakes?Any advice shared would be much appreciated!TFLBecki
Has anyone out there used them? Do they bake unevenly?Becki
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