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I actually just add it to the mashmallows before I melt them. I Found adding the black color after I've melted them never gives me a real black. I make MMF, and I just just scoop a good amount of the Wiltons Black color (Just happen to be what I had last time I needed black) and make the fondant like normal.
This was my favorite for 2 reasons. My son flipped when it was done, and it was my first attempt with fondant figures. It was so fun!
With my grandma. She did wedding cakes, buttercream only. But when my sister got marries she wanted fondant and I tried it. Loved it. And can't get enough of it.
A dab of piping gel works great!
I could try that, let it thaw over night wednesday night after torting anf filling... I'll let you know how that works! Thanks, sometime when you're brain is spent you can't even think of a simple fix!
I wanted to ice it frozen becuse after torting it I'm affraid th 12' is going to break on me when it thaws and I'm moving it around to stack it. I thought if I filled and iced when frozen I wouldn't have to worry so much with the cake breaking. And I'm short on time for this one. I have to deliver Sat. so I wanted to ice thursday, fondant friday.
It getting ruined when it thaws? I would like to frost my cake while it's still frozen, but I've always let them thaw first. So if I do this when they are frozen will they thaw without messing up the frosting? Once thawed I'm going to cover n fondant.
Hey there. I have used straws for a 3 tier cake, and I'm making one at the end of the month that's a 4 tier. 12, 10, 8 & 6. I plan to stack at the venue so I'm not worried about them not holding. Add I have found them at Walmart and my local grocery store. The grocery store had them hanging in an isle and the package says "Milkshake Straws". They're just a really big straw. I've even heard of others using fast food place's straws because they are bigger.
THank you all! I plan on stacking at the venue anyway so I feel that these will be fine! It's only a 12,10,8,6 cake. I don't make cakes for a income (I wish) but I just do it for friends and family when needed and this was a wedding of a friend planned last minute so I offered to help out by making the cake. Thanks again for all your insight!
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