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Go to and searchHow to make a Gumpaste Baby Carriage for beginners. There are two parts. I will try and put the links in this reply.Part I II this helps. LRHBeads
Just asked this question a few days ago and got lots of great ideas. But the one that worked the best for me was...... 50/50 mix of corn syrup and alcohol (Vodka) and shake it in a small bottle and then apply with a brush.Hope this helps.
Tried all the methods and the 50/50 corn syrup and alcohol worked the best for me. Thanks "sillywabbitz" for the tip.Yours in Decorating,LRHBeads
Thanks guys! Everyone on this site is always willing to share information. Love this site and everyone on it! Thanks again. I will try all of them.
How do I get fondat items glossy looking? ThanksLRHBeads
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