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I've never had a problem with bc being gritty. I do beat the shortening for 15 minutes before adding any other ingredients, I also warm the half & half (milk) before adding. I also beat my bc 20-25 minutes after all of the ingredients have been incorporated...the longer I let my mixer run the creamier and smoother my icing.
I cut the oil down to 1/4 cup or omit it. Less oil will make a firmer cake. The WASC recipe that I use has 1 cup of sour cream and no oil and it's awesome.
Glad to know it's not just family hates to be around when I'm working on a cake.
I have forgotten the oil before (many times) and it turned out just fine. I honestly could not tell the difference.
Why not make the bottom tier real cake?? I've done that before and used dummies for the other tiers...but I've never "cut a slice out" of the dummy and inserted real cake. I'm curious now if anyone has ever done that.
I can't either.... ....I wait for the icing to crust the gently press it flat with my finger.
Yeah..I don't understand not wanting to add more sugar to thicken bc because it will "make it too sweet"'s sugar and fat is more sugar going to make it any sweeter...
I use Wilton Teal....some say use Wilton Teal with a touch of Sky Blue.
Glad to know I'm not the only one that can't access "view posts since your last visit"...argh.....this is frustrating....LOL....I'm also gettint the "no topics or post exist which match your search criteria"....OR there will be ONE post only. Is everyone having these problems or is it just a few of us???
I don't know what bc recipe that you use but I use Indydebi's and hers looks very much like the icing that you're talking about. It looks airy and light but smooths perfectly.
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