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Hi Summer09 - Here is a video tutorial showwing how to make sugar bottles: is where you can get a kit so that you can make this mold: ship to the Uk all the time and our shopping cart will give you many shipping options to choose from.Dominic
Hi Gingersnap,Start by getting a food storage container and place Safe-D-Clay on the bottom about a 1/4 inch thick. Press your gems into the clay so that almost all of the back side is embedded in the clay. Mix up some CopyFlex and pour over all the beads and allow to cure. This is a quick and easy way to make a multi cavity mold of a variety of gems at one time.Safe-D-Clay:
Hi BecsBaking,You can make a mold directly from a chocolate piece. You want to make sure that you are working in a cooler environment. If the choclate is too warm, it does not hold up well during the mold making process and if it is too soft, it will embed itself in the silicone mixture which will make your mold weak. Also, applying a coat of confectioner's glaze (food lacquer) before making the mold will help very much.Dominic
Hi tarascupcakes ,You can make a mold of this brooch in about an hour and a half. You just lay the back side of the brooch down on some sheeted safe-D-Clay and then apply silicone plastique over it. Wait about an hour and you will have a food grade, flexible rubber mold. You can buy brooches at Michael's or antique shops or swap meets.All the materials I mentioned are available at www.makeyourownmolds.comHope This Helps,Dominic
Chiara - I really had fun two nights ago with you all. Now you know as much about Isomalt as I do. Thanks for posting your commentsDominic
Hi Tal,Actually, you can make a mold over paper. If your paper object has good detail, you can apply Seal-Dit to seal the paper and then apply silicone plastique or silicone spread over it to make a mold.Go To: can read up on Seal-Dit nad look at some tutorials on how to use it.Hope This Helps,Dominic
Hi Mak - Release-Dit does not compromise the integrity of Safe-D-Clay. The two materials are very compatible. Any of the dits can be kneaded right into Safe-D-Clay. Of course if you incorporate large amounts of Dit into Safe-D-Clay, you will change the consistency of the clay making it softer and more sticky. Small amounts will not have this effect.Objects That Are Non-Moldable - Anything made of natural rubber and certain soft vinyls will inhibit the cure of Food Grade...
Jade - You definitely have the eye for moldables (love that word!). Having worked with you on this project, I know what is coming and just want to say that I think this mold is quite clever and shows how anyone can make a mold of a filigree styled object that can look great on a cake. I hope you remember that I warned you about what mold making can do to a dear friend gives you a gift....a charming window ornament to beautify your home and what did you do with...
How to Make a Butterfly Chocolate Mold
Sweetcakes - If you subscribe to CakeCentral magazine, there is a multi-page, complete tutorial on how to make a diamond mold. It is in the April/May - Wedding Cake Issue.Dominic
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