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Hi Rylan,Just a note to thank you for taking the time to comment on my products and customer service. Providing good customer service is so important if any business is going to succeed. Your post serves as a reaffirming confirmation that our efforts are appreciated and I will share your comments with my staff.Sincerely,Dominic
Hi mandy79,Hopefully the hulk mast is made out of plastic and not latex. Latex will inhibit or prevent food grade silicone from curing. I would first paint the mask with Silicone Spread and allow it to half cure - about an hour. Then I would apply Silicone Plastique on top of the Silicone Spread to add thickness and strength. This method was used by marzipandoll to make human figures. go to: This helps,Dominic
Hi Linda,Can you tell me more about the baby you want to make a mold from? How big, what it is made out of and perhaps a picture of it?Dominic
Hi tavyheather,To make a lace mold for SugarVeil you should follow the tutorial I made, " How To Make A Lace Mold" with some changes. In that video, I thickened the lace with Safe-D-Clay and then cut through the clay around the lace to give thickness so that I could create a mold cavity. What you should do is follow all the instruction exactly, only do not cut around the lace to make it thick. You want the lace to lie on top of the sheeted Safe-D-Clay and have full contact...
Hi dchockeyguy,I am working on packing as much info as possible into my isomalt demo. I hope when we are done you will not have one remaining question about using this great substitute sugar. I look forward to helping you with your mold making ideas at my booth. Feel free to bring objects you want to mold and I will tell you exactly how to do it. I really look forward to that part of the convention - meeting folks like you and talkin' molds.
Hi ohayr639,I answered your questions in the separate post you made in my forum.Dominic
Hi ohayr639 - I have answered your questions below:My Pleasure,Dominic
Hi dosenroses,Deetmar and I have some great tutorials that we have worked on. We have an incompatibility problem that we are working out so we can share what we did. It is a problem with the video format that we have to have changed so we can edit and create a good looking tutorial. Sorry for the delay, but we will eventually get it done. Stay tuned.Dominic
Hi Enchantin-Cakes,We ship our products to Great Britain quite frequently so it is no problem sending your order there. We are in the process of converting our free tutorials to DVD's but they are not done yet. They should be available around the second week of August. You can place your order on our website because our shopping cart calculates international shipping rates.At Your Service,Dominic
Hi Jane,You really have a choice as to which method you want to use to make a martini glass mold. The two piece mold method that I taught you in the class can be used and you will require much less silicone to complete the project but alot more work making the mold. The poured mold used to make the miniature wedding cake can be used and while it is a faster and simpler method you will end up using twice the silicone or more when compared to the two piece mold using...
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