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Hi Victoryfarm,I think you are asking about the polymer clay. There is a product in craft stores called Sculpey. Some of the varieties are non-toxic. This is basically a clay that you can sculpt and form and then bake at about 175 degrees. It hardens when backed and then can be used quite well for mold making.Dominic
Hi Vickistark,It is always less expensive when making your own molds. It is hard to say how many leaf veiners you can make from a certain amount of material because it all depends how large the the leaf veiner will be. I can confidently say though, that most leaves associated with flower varieties will cost five dollars or less when you make them yourself. This sounds like a good topic for a video tutorial. Would you like to see that in the future?
Hi Tapstreats,You have two choices, you can purchase some non-toxic polymer clay and sculpt a three dimensional version of the image free hand and then bake the clay to harden it and then make a mold over that. Your second choice is to take the digital image to a laser engraver. They can carve the image into plastic making it 3d like a stamp. Then you can make a mold over that with any of my food grade mold making products at www.MakeYourOwnMolds.comHope This Helps,Dominic
All the suggestions here are great. The only thing i would add is that once you have made a letter that you like, make a mold of it so you can capture the details and easy and quickly reproduce it for your cakes in the future.Dominic
Hey Trev,You should leave a minimum of 1/4 of and inch around the sides of an object for CopyFlex to fill and form your mold wall. If the object is larger, you should consider a thicker wall , closer to 1/2 of an inch.It was good seeing you at the ICES convention.Dominic
Hi Herekittykitty - Sorry for the late reply - I was at the ICES convention when you wrote this and it has remained under the radar until now. I think the best way to make the mold you want is detailed very well in a project I did with Marzipandoll. Go To: If you follow these instructions, I think you will get a great mold that will work very with chocolate.Dominic
Hi mayhem,The only way to go about this is to dissect this sculpture into individual parts and then make molds of each part. Cast each part separately in Isomalt and then assemble the sculpture and then airbrush it. I would make a mold of each wing, a mold of the head and torso of the eagle and another mold of the flags. Each mold would be either a slit mold ( like the beer bottle mold) or a two piece mold similar to what Marzipandoll did with Human figures in my forum. Go...
Hi Tina,The borders in the pictures that you provided resemble moldings that you can buy at hardware and specialty woodworking stores. It is real easy to make molds from these items and then press fondant or gumpaste in them to create cake borders. One of them looks like a picture frame which is also a great source for cake border designs. The best way to make a cake border mold is to apply a first coat with silicone spread and allow it to set for about an hour. It will be...
Hi BakeCakes2010,You are very welcome. I really had a great time at the convention - hope your broach mold comes out okay.
Hi makenice99 - I am so glad you liked the Master Mold Making Class. Every one of you did a great job and I got the feeling at the end that you all no longer needed me anymore. It was great!About your project - Get the m in the font style that you want and then make a template by enlarging it on a copier and then cutting the M out on card stock. You can get this M laminated to make it moisture proof or sandwich it between layers of box sealing tape and trimming the excess....
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