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HiStaryberry,Due to the size of a beer bottle and minimum thicknesses required to make a functional mold, you will need two pounds of CopyFlex to make a beer bottle mold. You must use a 3" diameter tube . If you use a larger tube, the amount of Copyflex will increase dramatically.Dominic
The sugar bottle molds that are shown in the tutorial are definitely reusable. CopyFlex is a professional grade silicone intended to be used repeatedly in commercial kitchens when needed. Once you have made this mold, you can count on it as a permanent tool in your bakeshop arsenal, always ready for sugar bottle production.Sugar Beer Bottle Mold Tutorial
Hi Bellechef - You can place the bowl up side down and seal the bottom of the bowl to your work surface with Safe-D-Clay. You then can build a mold box around the bowl. The mold box can be a plastic food storage container that has had its bottom cut off and inverted so that the top serves as the bottom of the mold box. If you center this mold box around your bowl, there should be a minimum of 1/4 " clearance around the bowl that will be filled with silicone. Take more...
I'm so glad you called me so we could figure out what happened! The Safe-D-Clay can be temperamental, so it's important to make sure it's the right temperature. I hope your next attempt turns out much better...don't hesitate to call again if you have any more concerns!Thanks,Dominic
Most silicone mold making products have a shelf life of 6 months. MYOM silicones are good for a year. As these products age, they lose their reactivity. To see if your products are still good, combine them and place them in a warm oven set at 120 degrees. If it does not cure in the oven, it never will.Hope This Helps,Dominic
If you can find a hobby ceramics shop in your area, you can purchase a greenware or bisque figurine and ask them to fire and glaze it for you. It should only cost about $5-10.I've also found items like this on Ebay and luck!Dominic
There are three ways you can go about creating a mold of a larger item while still capturing all of its detail:1. You can use an Adjust-A-Mold Box, which is basically four pieces of acrylic that can be configured to make squares and rectangles of various sizes. Use CopyFlex to create the mold.2. An appropriately sized food-storage container can be substituted for the Adjust-A-Mold Box. Use an X-Acto knife to cut off the bottom of the container, so you are left with just...
Lisa,You didn't do anything wrong. If the air in your area is humid, the sugar or Isomalt will get sticky. What you want to do is to put the bottles in a tightly sealed container that has a desiccant or drying agent in it. The most common desiccant is Silica Gel. I sell food grade silica gel packets here, which would work very well for you.
If you don't have release-dit, vaseline works the best.Dominic
This is super easy. You will notice on the legs that there will be parting lines from when the legs were molded. Simply take some Silicone Plastique and cover half of each leg right up to the parting line on the leg. Let it cure - about an hour and a half. Do not remove this cured first half. Then cover the second half of the leg with more Silicone plastique making it meet up with the first half. You MUST apply release-dit to the first half of the mold where it will come...
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