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elliebuff - all silicones loss their reactivity over time. I recommend that you use my products within a year from the date of purchase. So, if you don't start now you may very well be wasting it anyway. Take a look on your refrigerator - fridge magnets are some of my favorite objects to make molds from.
Rosie Wrote: I haven't made any mold myself I've been contemplating making a big bead(pearl) mold for a long time.Rosie@ - Hmmmmm - maybe I should make a video about how to make that bead Mold? What do you think?
Rylan and Uniqueask - thank you for the welcome post!danizabe - more videos coming - what can I do to get you busy with them molds? You want to know something - every silicone I make wants to play and you are keeping them couped up in some corner in an airtight container. Now go play with them right now........oh, and send me pictures. : )
sweetreasures - I sell my products direct in order to keep them fresh instead of aging on a shelf. We do not mark up our shipping charges and I think you will find that our shipping is pretty reasonable.Teekakes, tatorchip, Kitagrl and cib thank you for the warm welcome. It is really great to be here where so many of my professional friends hang out. This is going to be
Most Tiaras are made from plastic. If you warm the tiara in an oven at about 150 degrees, you can press it flat. Then you can press the tiara in Silicone Plastique that has been rolled out twice as thick as the tiara. Wait about an hour and you will have a flexible silicone press mold.Hope This Helps,Dominic
I just wanted to post how happy I am to be a part of CakeCentral and to have my own forum. I am really looking forward to answering questions about mold making and how to use the various products I have invented over the years. Somethin-Sweet - Thank you for the feedback on my tutorial. I am glad it it helped you with your lace appliques.Loucinda - I am still admiring that truck of yours - you should post a picture of it so others can see what we are talking about. Good...
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