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is there a gelatin recipe that i could use to pour in a mold and it would set?
i just tried the new betty went from 18.25 to 15.25....didnt change the wasc cake recipe?>>>>>yea right....X!X!X! my cake friggin sank so was like a trampoline in the center...the outer edges looked fine but my husband said the center was was my money that they robbed me from this new crap! used the choc. fudge betty crocker and it was a what? any suggestions...didnt even work with bake strips or a center core.. the...
since betty crocker changed their cake mix down by 2 oz. each box, how would you adjust the recipe for the wasc cake recipe? there a new recipe out for this adjustment...thanks!!
well, if they downsized the amount of the is the wasc cake recipe going to be adjusted to accomodate to that now? just when you learn a recipe the manufacturers try to screw you!
when i use the sps for tiered cakes...when i stack them together it seems to be higher and have a gap i would have to put a larger border around my cake...what if i want it seeless or a very tiny border?...all my legs were even and the plate seemed flush on the top...what am i doing wrong or is this what you get when you use the sps?
where would i buy 24k gold to dust cakes with?.
is 24k gold edible? thanks
did you build a dam around the ganache so it didnt seep out? did you let your cakes rest together so all the tiers had time to settle?.. when you made your marshmallow fondant--did you let it rest a day before applying it to the cake?--marshmallow fondant is always soft for me but never causes my fillings to come out or cakes to topple over or lean
i am just curious because i read alot across the internet that you cant eat gold highlighter on your cakes but you can gold luster dust?..some say eat one not the other, some say neither, am really confused..its seems 50/50. some say use it for decorations on your cakes but tell people who are going to eat your cake to remove it before eating...i would feel stupid doing that..heres your cake....demolish it before eating?
what is the difference between non-edible gold highlighter dust and non-toxic gold luster dust?...why can one be consumed and not the other?
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