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Thanks for the info!
Me encanta la conejita! Gracias!!
I am sorry to said this...but is very rude that they are not send you the picture of the cake they want yet, you are doing them a favor and they are not letting you plan ahead, it's a big responsibility. And I vote for the 14x10x6 and two 9x13 if you have it, good luck!
Wat? I can use regular crisco and ad two tablespoons of all purpose flour to my recipe and hage good results! WOW thanks I got to try this, high ratio shortening it's so expensive
Awesome thanks!
ok thanks I am goin to get my then
Hi Rfisher how did your FoxRun kit is working for you? You have any pictures?
Congratulations they are to cute!
Thanks, the baby is cute to, I made a blue diaper baby boy I wasn't happy with it, your idea of white and blue borders it's good
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