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Did you get someone to take this offer yet?
I've done it once, and it basically made my fondant wither and melt. It was really strange. This was the only time that has happened to me. The cake was a 2 tier cake, and the only tier it happened to was the one frosted with cream cheese icing.
I've had that happen. You definitely didn't cook it long enough. I've never tried recooking it, once you add the coconut and pecans, I wouldn't think that it would have the same effect. I've added more coconut and pecans, and that helps a little.It's a pain trying to get that right, almost like you can't tell if it is think enough, but once you get it to the right point, you'll absolutely know that it is thick enough.
I left the fondant alone last night, after i wrapped it in plastic really well. This morning, it was kinda dry. I'd also tried another recipe for fondant yesterday too. But I stopped adding powdered sugar sooner, and wrapped it, sticky and all. This one turned out great. So maybe for me, I need to just stop adding powdered sugar, even if it is still a little sticky, and overnight it will (magically) turn into what i need it to be I will try MFF again, and wrap it up...
I added the 2lb bag to the mixer bowl, and added more from there. At this point, I'm almost to 4lbs.
Ok Guys, I NEED HELP!!!Maybe I'm just not cut out to make my own fondant I've seen all the wonderful reviews of MFF, but mine isn't turning out right.Right now, it's a big sticky mess. I added all the powdered sugar, and I still can't keep it from sticking to everything it touches. I've been adding more, but I don't want to add too much and make it dry.Any suggestions?
Ok, it must just be me. I'm kneeding my fondant, and it is still sticky. What am I doing wrong?! I've already added the needed amount of PS and then some. Somebody, HELP!!!
I'M so happy that I found this thread. I've tried MMF, it seems to tear and has a ton of cracks. Today i tried a buttercream fondant recipe. I've added a ton more PS than the recipe calls for, and it's STILL super sticky.So now, here I am, back to considering MFF. This is going to be my last try, hopefully my best one yet I have a cake to make for Tuesday, and I'm trying to determine what i'm gonna use to cover it. If all else fails, I guess I will be going back to...
Thanks guys!
Just wondering what would be an appropriate price for this cake.[/list]
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