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Well...from all your replys I guess I'll give it another try! I did buy it full price at Michael's because I didn't have any coupons that day and I just had to try it, I bought the blue and the yellow and I have to say that the taste is very nice like you say. I liked the lemon flavor on the yellow and it smells great! I just wished it was more like Satin Ice brand, it's easier to work with.
What do you guys think of the new Duff (Ace of cakes) fondant ? My experience wasn't good, it was breaking apart and too flimsy, it got stuck to easy! Am I doing something wrong? Please tell me your experience with it!
I would like to see a picture of the bridal shower cake, I was looking for it on your pictures and I don't see it. Would like to see how it turned out!
Thanks Cakepro, I didn't even think about that, next time i'll add some powdered sugar. And you guys are right, it tastes horrid! but it was easier to buy it because it was already the red color i needed. Msulli10, i tried the hot spatula to no avail. Thanks for all your replies!
How do I smooth out store bought Wilton frosting, tried the Viva paper towel technique but the frosting never dries and it sticks to the paper towel... HELP!!!
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