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I used a styrofoam ball, which i covered in royal icing (i coloured the royal icing green), then stuck the cupcakes in with toothpicks. The royal icing helped to glue the cupcakes to the ball. I didn't have any problems with the cupcakes falling off.The picture is in my photo gallery.
Fantastic Job!!! and not to mention you also covered the cake in Black fondant - that's a huge task in it's self.
Hi Miriam,Planet Cake in Australia, teach that particular cake at one of their courses. If you go onto their website and go to their forum you could probably find someone who has made that exact cake. Hopefully they will be able to guide you through the instructions.Hope this helps
That cake is just gorgeous! I love how cake jewellery and rhinestones are really in, at the moment. I'm sure you will do a fantastic job.
Truely talented!!!
I'm not sure of the brand of my pans/tins,i just purchased them from my local cake decorating shop. If your corners are rounded you just build them out with the ganache to make them square. I would recommend the planet cake book, as they always use ganache under all of their cakes.
If you use ganache under your fondant it helps to get those really razor sharp corners.
I also only buy the Orchard from Coles or Woolworthes, for $4 per box, i don't think you could save too much by making it yourself when you take into consideration your time to make it, and washing up afterwards etc.
Hi There,I would like to make a spiderman cake, which would be covered in fondant, i was just wondering what colours i would need to mix together to get the correct spiderman red colour? Unfortunately i don't have a airbrush system.
Hi There,I'm not sure of your location in NSW, but if you are close to Sydney - Planet Cake has a discussion workshop hosted by Paris Cutler (owner of Planet Cakes) , regarding making your cake business successful. I haven't taken this course myself , i've only seen it on their website The link is below. this helpsJakesmum77
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