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I think Its VERY VERY cute!
1M is the only one I have tried so far, to give that classic cupcake swirl look.
Cupcakes freeze well in zip-lock bags. If your planning on investing in containers I recommend Tupperware containers (mine a yrs old and still seal air tight).I read some where on here that they can be froze anywhere from 3-6 months, but dont quote me on that. HTH..
I am like I will join you in the Crazy Cake Club... LOL
How long will ganache keep if whipped and refrigerated?
I would do a practice cake first and pipe out the milk crate part out of melting chocolate on some waxed paper.
Thank You Erin3085 For this post.
Oh I am so sorry this has happened to you... I feel a similar disaster brewing for me as I am doing a large cake for my MIL, she says she wants it yellow. I asked for a color sample so I dont get the wrong yellow, she tell me, Oh Just this bright yellow, like on the top of the Wilton lemon yellow..I am just waiting to deliver this 4 tier and it be the wrong yellow.
Sorry to chime in, but I have a question along the same lines. I am getting ready to do my first 4 tier cake, 2 of the 4 fillings will need refrigeration, but the cake is for an event. How many hours can a banana cream filling and a raspberry cream filling sit out before going bad?Can I cover the ones that need to be refrigerated last, then stack and transport?In other words can I leave them at room temperature for about 5 hrs (the time that it will take to cover,...
I put mine in plastic with no problems.
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