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I also know what multi colored boogies look like. I have had red dye from the red velvet cake stain so many things, from purses, to my work shoes, to my arms. I find bruises on myself all of the time. I have also developed a tolerance for holding hot things and don't realize when things are super hot sometimes. So many different things have splashed into my eyes and bothered them. And my fingernails are always different colors from the dyes.
I just wanted to reply because about two years ago I was in your shoes.I think the best thing for myself was getting a job in a bakery. It has really opened my eyes to the many hats that a business owner wears. The business that I work for is not even a year old yet and I have learned so much. I enjoy working there because I am learning and its not my business, so if we make mistakes, its not my money. I like the bakery I work for, but its not the type of cakes that I...
I bake it twice too. The top becomes too brown, and I have tried positioning it in all kinds of ways in my oven with different temps. I have tried both scratch and cake mixes with it and the top still baked up quicker than the bottom. I used the wilton pan release spray and the cakes slide right out. A lot of times I just make the top part of the cupcake and then just make two 5 inch rounds and make my own cupcake.
I did this a few weeks ago on a very warm day and the cake got kind of sticky and I had to be careful not to smudge it. It was really hot though, in the 90s. After it sat out in its box for a bit, it was not as sticky, but it would tint your fingers if you touched it. Its better to airbrush and let it sit out to dry. I wish that someone would develop a clear top coat glaze that sealed your airbrush colors in or something.
You could do a "heart shaped box", like the Nirvana song. Or the Nirvana smiley face.
Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.- Andy WarholMany things that were once considered craft, such as quilting, felting, and paper crafts are now being show in galleries and museums. It all depends on the viewer and the art world. And after selling paintings, working in museums and galleries, my view of the art world is a bit different. Art is subjective. What I consider art...
Yep, I used chocolate in their jewel molds and it turned out awesome.[/img]
I didn't know that you could do that either, it sounds really cool. When I used to decorate cheesecakes for birthdays and dinner parties we would use chocolate to draw on them, or make the chocolate designs on parchment paper, let them harden in the freezer, peel them off the paper and then add them to the cake.
What if you made betty boop dressed in a steeler's jersey? She could be holding a football.
Hey there Tellis12. I used to make muffins every week for my job at a farmer's market and they were huge and heavy.We would make them from scratch in really large quanities. We used the big disposable muffin pans, but if we ran out of those we would use the large orange cups that Ateco makes. They are simiular to the larger white ones at michaels or ac moore. We also would use the same recipe for our banana bread as our banana muffins and our pumpkin bread for our pumpkin...
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