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I think people forget that custom made is in a different price bracket than off the shelf. If they want is grocery store prices, then what they see in the grocery store is what they'll get. Unfortunetly that is what they also taste!! Stick to your guns. Just make sure that you are not out of line from what other people like you are providing for price.
I working on doing some fondant pleating around the base of a small cake. I get the pleats made and when I go to put it around the base it cracks or tears . What I am I doing wrong?
Tell her thanks for the compliment and your glad she enjoyed the cake, but you make it a business practice not to share recipes. She'll understand if she is anything of a good business woman.
If you can't buy the bake strips to put on the outside of the pans, you can use an old towel and cut it in to strips and then wet it thoroughly. Then pin it around the out side of the pan. It works, but not as well as the bake strips.
They look pretty in the picture and I can see where you are going,but is there a return policy? Sometimes once you see something like that in person it might not live up to your standards.
This forum strand has given me the biggest laugh I the the idea of a gently used cake. Yum Thanks everyone for the pics.
I really work hard at the begining to level my cakes at several stages and use a plastic level to check. I bought a washable level from a hardware store and use it when torting, when filling and dirty icing and when stacking. I am not perfect but I think it has improved the look of my cakes. I also agree you get crisper edge if you refridgerate the buttercream layer until firm before applying fondant.
Sounds fine to me but I would check to see if your competion is charging for tastings. If you are the only one charging you might not get many calls. To limit your tasting costs you may want to think about Tasting Days and have people book times on that day. Just an idea. I hope it helps
I just recently did my first bridal show and I provided cake samples in the plastic cups with lids. It was a lot of work,but it sold my cakes. People remembered me because my samples tasted better that all the rest of the of the cake exhibiters. I booked jobs because of it. Yes it is necessary. Having samples ready and labeled before hand also gave me more time to talk to the brides and not be worrying about serving. Good luck
Thanks much for taking the time and pointing me in the right direction.
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