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I like your cake better than the picture she provided, but you can cetainly tell that it is the same cake less the grass. The excution is great and the price seems on mark for the amount of work that was done. The problem is hers and not yours. It bothers you so much because you care about your cakes and try to do your best work always. Creations are personal and when people complain it can be easy to take the complaint personally. In this case the complaint was...
It has probably tarnished the metal. Sometimes a solution of lemon juice and baking soda can take the tarnish off. I have tried it on a aluminum pan and it made it shiny again. It may work on the ML pan. It would be worth a try.
If you have never piped before, I don't think black on white is the time to start. Any mistakes that you make will really show up. I f you have to, I would practice first on something other than your cake, I agree with one of your other posters and use cutters or your roses and not too much black. Keeping things fairly simple and clean make more of an impact on a black and white cake because of the color contrast. Good luck, and congrats on your order.
I have been told, but I haven't tired it, that you can add more water to your syrup if it crystalizes and start over. There is also a recipe in the Cake Bible and uses a mix of corn syrup and sugar and you don't have problems with the sugar crystalizing. I do think it tends not to be as firm. Good Luck
What kids of buttercream is it? If it is a SWBC or a IMBC or a French buttercream? I undertand that if butter cream contains any egg it in it requires refrideration to be food safe. It can only be left out of fridgerator for a couple of hours . I saw a chart that was Wiliton that was supposed to talk about the different icing requiremnts it may be of some help. Finally If you have any questions I would ask...
I have made a few display cakes for Bridal Fairs and ect... There is too much humidity in my tasting room for some of the more delicate Gum paste work to survive for long and I don't want to quickly loose all that work. Can I spray something on them to lock moisture in with out effecting the look of the cake?
What about words piped on each tier specific to the person or event in the same color. Then add her polka dots sprinkled through the tiers. It would be cohesive and be addressing each reguest. P.S. Even though she spent only 60 the certificate was for 200. Give her 200 dollar value ,but if she wants more than what you would charge for 200 she needs to pay the difference.
people are so strange!!! I had a bride want to make an appointment for a tasting for a date in 2012!
I share a kitchen and so far it works well. It means less lugging thing around and more actual work time. It also is a dream to have a large work space and comercial sized oven, mixer and a walk in fridge. It makes it easier to work effciently and quickly. The only draw back is the cost of the rent. In order to cover it it makes me less competive with home bakers, but I think it makes more sense if I am trying to be legit. Some Senior centers rent out their kitchen...
I don't have a circuit. Might get one might not, It is in my opinion a tool and nothing more. We use different piping tips, cutters, stencils ect.... It is our mind that puts them together and creates. I have to say I like the idea of using scal and making my own designs more effeciently. It will just free up my time to create more. New technology is not bad in and of it self it is how you put it to use.
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