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I also get my boxes and inserts at BRP. Although you have to buy a lot at once, they are less expensive per item, Plus your cupcakes alway arrive in perfect condition and you can stack them. Worth the investment.
I have a bride that has provided me a picture of a cake that looks like it's tiers are taller than the standard four inch tiers. To do the look new modern extral tall look what is standard? 5 inch , 6 inch or something else? Is there a typical? Thanks for your help!!
I understand where you are at I have been doing this full steam for about a year now. In the months preceeding the wedding season and during the wedding season I generally landed the contract. I have found recently that I don't immediately know after the tasting. I have come to the conclusion based on some comments that brides have made ,that at this point, alot think that they have a lot of time to decided and are enjoying going thru the process of cake tastings. ...
I have used both whipped White chocolate Ganache with and without fresh straberries and strawberry buttercream. I also have used a White chocolate coconut ganache. Good luck.
I haven't seen any out there but I would call Home Cake Decorating in Maple Leaf. (206-522-4300 open T-Sa) The owner is very knowledgable and may be able to help you or point you in the right directions or Dawn of Dawn's Cake and Candy in Kirkland. Good luck! I hope it helps.
Don't worry about the price. I would have charged more. The cake is really cute and there is a lot of work on it. Usually I give family and friends 20 to 25% off what I would charge a client.
I have always used medium thickness royal icing on fondant. I have used my own stencils and purchased ones and I always clean the stencil each time between use. Other wise there is a chance for mistakes. I have also used tape to mask off part of the stencil if I want to get a clean edge. Be careful when spreading the royal icing so it does not bleed underneath the stencils. For me this works best if I dot it on over the edges of the stencil before removing...
I love my food saver and I use it all the time. I can make big batches of SMBC and portion them off in cake size portions and freeze or refridgerate as needed. I also make my own lemon curd and ganaches and other fillings and can prolong their storage life. It has been invaluable.
Thanks for the input. I quess I was thinking I could charge less for it because I wouldn't pay for the rent on my kitchen, because if they aren't going to eat it I could do it at home.
I have had my first request from a bride yesterday for a Fake cake. I am not sure what the point of a fake cake is. If I charge them for materials and labor it isn't going to be much cheaper than a real cake. Do I just rent it to them and the cake is mine to rent out for later? What Do I charge for rent? What if it is ruined at the reception? Should I have a Damage deposit? This is very new to me and any insight would be great. Thanks
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