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gave up on trying to attach Photo. The cake it the one called blush cottage rose. I just posted it to my pictures.
trying to attach photo again.
Four days after the wedding I have recieved a email from the mother of the bride informing me that my cake was an embrassament to her and her husband. She went to to say that my SMBC tasted of lard and my cakes were dry and the fillings had no flavor. The bride choose me after she had had my cake at two different weddings and came in for a tasting an choose the flavors. The mother did not attend the tasting. There seemed to be a difference in opinion between the...
I have customers that want a white icing and I use swiss meringue buttercream for my main buttercream. I have be using some of the wiltons icing whitner but there must be a better way and a cheaper one. Any Ideas? Thasnks for your time.
It is the best investment that I made this year. It speeds my production up so much and makes a level cake so much easier! I like the tip on the icing with the single blade. Thanks!!!
LOL! You are absloved. Thanks for the laugh.
I always chop my chocolate in a food processer until it is fine. Then heat the cream in the microwave until it is almost boiling and then pour it over the chocolate at let it sit for a minute or two. Then give it a whiz to blend and then chill for a few hours. That way the chocolate can't get overheated which can easily happen with white chocolate. I hope that helps.
With white chocolate ganache you have to be careful and not over beat it or it looks curdled. It's quick to beat. I always use a hand mixer for it because a I can't walk away from it.
I think what is giving you the problem is the amount of alcohol. Too much wants to seperate out. I don't know about the butter I would suggest next time using some of the lorann oils there is a Keoke Coffee Flavor that is supposed to be like Kalua and you would only need a little bit to get a stronger flavor. You can order them online. I hope this helps.
What temperature is it where you are right now. I find that SMBC is very finicky when it come to temperature. If it is too hot it can get runny and soft, too cold it curdles and seperates. Was it the right constisincy when you first made it? If the constincy was okay when you first made it then it will just need the right temperature and more beating. I usually can change the temperature by cold or hot cloths around the bowl or a bowl of ice or hot water below...
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