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I know, i've done the same just went and put it on flickr...I've been trying now to up load a pic of my mario brothers cake for the last 3 days . It just keeps on timing out
HiIs anyone having problems uploading their pics?I haven't been able to for a few days nowcheers Kirsty
I was hoping that you would change the way you view photos. You can miss some amazing cakes because everytime you view a pic and go back to the home page it takes you back to the very start of the pics that have been uploaded not the last pic you looked at, so you have to go through all the pics again to get to the last one you viewed, hope that makes sense.
HiI've been asked to make a car cake, they're looking at serving around 60 odd people so i thought maybe a slab of cake with a rtk car ontop. It's just that the last time i tried to make it and use it I found it to be really heavy, I live in Australia so it's not used that much over here, so I'm unsure if it's ment to be that heavy or if i've used the wrong receipe (i used the one off the web site). I guess what i'm asking is will it be too heavy to sit ontop of the cake...
HiI'm needing some help with how to place roses so they trail down the cake. I've made my roses but am debating how to put them on the cake. I'm wondering do i cut the wire and use royal icing to place the roses on the cake or a combination of both...use the wire as an anchor and the royal icing as the glue?any suggestions would be great Kirsty
thanks for the tips, i might try and do some lavender just to see how it works.thanks again
does anyone have a good reciepe for candied flowers? was thinking of coating lavender for a cake.thanks
hey Guysdoes anyone know how to make lavender flowers out of modeling paste. A friend is looking at a lavender themed cake and I was wondering if it's possible to make the flowers themselves,Cheers Kirsty
Hi everyoneI've been asked if I can do a chanel bag cake which apears on cc. It's black and white made by Rikki0422 . I would love to have a go at it but am unsure about the handles as they stand upright. Any ideas would be great whether that be how to do it or books/tutorials that might help me.Cheers everyone and happy baking
hi was just wondering if any of you would know of the best way to get any remaining corn flour off of modled work like 3d figurines. even though i make sure that i have very little on the modeling paste there always seems to be a few specks here and there. cheers
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