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Wonder Pets. This was my first 3D fondant effort, the boat and figures were made with RKT's, then covered in fondant. The flag pole was a wooden dowel. I made this as a cake topper, I made it entirely too big it was the size of a 1/4 sheet cake my wife told me, but thats what I get for making the topper before the cake was made. All in all the people loved the cake.
Mensch, what company do you use for your custom boxes?
Sorry, I made the flames free hand, I did not use a template or even a reference. I am a graphic designer just learning how to do cakes, my wife is a baker and does not like to work with fondant so to help her out I started playing with it. I really enjoy working with it and seeing people's faces.
I just posted pics of the newest cake, it is a bonfire cake.
Ok here is my newest cake. My wife and I made a Bonfire Cake for a friend of ours little girl's 10th birthday party. She wanted Carrot Cake. My wife made the cake and iced it, I did all of the flames and I assembled it as well. It is made of 2 8" cakes stacked and then a pampered chef batter bowl (barbie cake style) top layer. Flames are fondant and logs are pretzel rods. Icing was cream cheese colored orange to aid in the "look".Word of advice I would have assembled the...
Thank you both!! I never thought about crushing the RKT's. I will also try rolling the fondant out thicker, then if that is not satisfactory I will try icing them first and then covering them! Thanks again.
I am a novice and I mean novice cake decorator, I have been doing this for about 2 months with NO training whatsoever. My wife made the actual cake and I made all of the fondant pieces, as she hates fondant. I made the legos and batman out of RKT's and covered them with fondant. I can't seem to get the fondant smooth over the RKT's.Please leave your comments and suggestions!Thank you,Chris
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